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The European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians
Established in 1978, EFAD currently has 29 Full Members Associations and 4 Affiliate Member Associations, representing more than 30.000 dietitians in 26 european countries.
To support member Associations in developing the role that dietitians have in reducing inequalities and improving nutritional health in Europe.
The Vision
EFAD, national dietetic associations (NDAs) and dietitians are recognised leaders in the field of dietetics and nutrition. We will continue to pro-actively initiate and grow partnerships in order to improve nutritional health, reduce socioeconomic health inequalities and contribute to economic prosperity.
To achieve our vision EFAD supports the highest quality of dietetic education, professional practice, research activity and partnership
Aims of EFAD
The aims of EFAD are to:
  • promote the development of the dietetic profession
  • develop dietetics on a scientific and professional level in the common interest of the member Associations
  • facilitate communication between NDAs and other organisations: professional, educational, and governmental
  • encourage a better nutrition situation for the population of Europe.
EFAD pursues these aims in co-operation within the member Asso-ciations and with international organisations. Our stakeholders include dietetic associations, dietitians, citizens, key national ministries, higher education institutions, non-governmental organisations, food industry, policy-makers and other health professionals. Our engagement with these groups reflects our independence and acts in the best interest of the populations we serve.
By embedding dietetic education, professional practice and research activity in dietetics throughout Europe, we enable high quality engagement at all levels, thereby addressing health determinants and creating supportive environments for healthy lifestyles and prevention of disease through nutrition.
EFAD communicates its aims and objectives by fostering exchange of knowledge, best practice promotion and action with and between our stakeholders.
EFAD is a not-for-profit organisation that does not pursue any political or religious ends.
Link to EFAD
For more information please visit www.efad.org
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